Pfeil carving tools are the carvers’ choice. They are known and respected by carvers worldwide as the woodcarving gouges which will enable them to produce fine carvings.  They are 100% Swiss Made.  The blades are forged from Chrome vanadium alloy steel specially made to Pfeil specifications, heat treated using the latest technology so that they take and keep a keen edge. Pfeil carving tools are hardened to RC 59 – 61. The gouges and chisels come razor sharp and ready to use.  They are precisely ground and polished on the inside sweeps so that re sharpening is simplified.  The hardwood handles are octagonal in shape, and are finished with solvent free vegetable oil, which means that they are easy to grip and control.  The wood itself comes from ecologically managed Swiss forests. The gouges have an internal ferrule to prevent splitting.  This internal ferrule system produces handles that do not split and do not loosen even when used enthusiastically with wooden or plastic mallets.   

Pfeil Swissmade professional or “full sized” tools are the standard carving gouges that come in over 300 variations.  The blades are between 110 mm (4 inches) and 135 mm (5 3/8 inches) long.  Overall tool length is 245 – 270 mm. (9 5/8 – 10 5/8 inches).  They are designed to be used with wooden or plastic (not metal) mallets, or to be pushed by hand.  They are effective and comfortable carving tools that are a joy to hold and use.

Pfeil Swissmade carving tools are stamped with the arrow trademark which is the lifetime warranty on material and workmanship.  Damage from improper use is, of course not covered, but any tool that fails because of a defect in materials or workmanship will be replaced.


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Palm Tools  
Straight #1 
Gouges #2 - #11
  V-Parting #12 - #16  
Fishtail Tools  
Long Bent Tools
Spoon Bent (Short Bent)Tools  
Special Tools:  #17 - #24, Drake & Drawknife 
Reverse Bent (Back Bent) Gouges
Heavy Duty Fishtail Gouges  
Medium Sized Tools  
Bench Chisels



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