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Woodcarving and whittling is for anyone who is interested and coordinated enough to walk and think at the same time. Rick has taught hundreds of people; children, busy professionals, and retired men and women to enjoy themselves and relax with this fascinating form of folk art. Whittling (carving with just a knife), especially, is very portable and fits in well with many other activities. A whittler is never bored while waiting for the fish to bite, or the bus to come. People whittle while just soaking up the sunshine or chatting with a friend. Sometimes the friend starts to get interested too. Rick often whittles while waiting for his food in a cafe. When offered the choice between money or the "whittlin'" as a tip, servers almost always choose the carving.

The basic course involves learning to make the required cuts in the wood with a knife. Then children make some simple toys (boomerang, flying propeller, whistle, etc.) Adults usually work on making a simple human face. Sharpening is next since it is impossible to do good work without a sharp tool. To finish the course, students make a functional walking stick, sometimes decorated with a simple human face.

Once bitten by the "bug" new carvers will want to learn more and Rick will help them develop in the direction they choose. They will be introduced to tools other than the knife such as carving chisels, usually called gouges, which make the process more efficient, and allow the carver to attempt much larger projects.

Take a look at the course outlines to get an idea of the type of programs that Rick presents. If you are involved in programming for an agency that could benefit from his services, make contact by e-mail, or telephone. You and the people in your group will enjoy learning to carve


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