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Keremeos, BC, Canada
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For more information contact Rick Wiebe
Phone: 1 800 738-0518
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Pacific Time


To Place an order:

The procedure that seems to work best for ordering is this:
Email a message containing a list of the tools that you want.  We will respond to this message concerning the order.

The above procedure is necessary partly because some tools in the catalogue may be unavailable. Pfeil is not a large company, and they do their manufacturing in "runs" of specific tools.  If a particular tool size and/or shape of tool is sold out, it can be several months before that particular tool is made again, and during that time, no one can get it.  We can usually supply what you want either from our inventory or from our warehouse (which just takes a couple of days).  When we respond to your email, it allows us to confirm your order and possibly enter into dialog with you concerning substitutions if that is necessary.

Our payment options are as follows:  

We accept Visa,  MasterCard, and Discover. You can phone 1-800-738-0518 to give us your credit card  number, expiry date and name on card. Please take into account that we are on Pacific Standard Time. If you pay by credit card the order will be shipped as soon as possible. We put through the charge in Canadian funds and the credit card company takes care of the conversion to the local currency. Since the exchange rate changes daily, what you will be charged will be slightly different from what we have quoted.

You can also pay through PayPal.  If you wish to go that route we will create a PayPal invoice which PayPal will send to you.  Once you have paid, following their instructions, PayPal will advise us that the payment has been made and we will send the tools right away.

Your other option is to pay with a check payable to Rick Wiebe in US or Canadian funds.  Our bank will not accept a US Postal Money Order.  The order will  be shipped once payment is received.
Postal Rates:

To the USA

Orders under $60 CN and weighing less than 2 pounds can be sent Small Packet - Air but are not insured or trackable. 
up to half a pound - 11.19,  up to one pound - 14.07, between one and two pounds -19.65.

Unless other arrangements are made, orders weighing less than 2 pounds and valued between $60 and $140 will be sent "Tracked Packet".  They are insured and trackable.  Under 1/2 pound -17.90, 1/2 pound to 1 pound - 18.73,  1 to 2 pounds - 21.47.  A fuel surcharge, which changes monthly, will be in addition. 

Orders requiring more than $100CN insurance are shipped Expedited (surface) or Xpresspost (air).  

The Expedited Parcel rate,  handling and insurance charges for a $200CN insured parcel weighing between 1 and 2 pounds can be up to $25.39 depending on the address, and fuel surcharge for that month.   Delivery should be in 5-7 business days and is traceable. 

Xpresspost, handling and insurance charge for a $200CN insured parcel weighing between 1 and 2 pounds is approximately $37.73 depending on the address, and fuel surcharge for that month.   Delivery should be in 3 to 5 business days and is traceable. 

Within Canada

Surface and air charges depend on the distance, weight and value.    


Please feel free to email messages concerning any questions that you may have about tools, carving, or things you see on the website.

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